Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey Asshole! Where's My Dingaling?

Hi there, asshole.

I been working out for a day now. I done three or four push-ups, a pull-up, and about four sit-ups. I don't see no change what ever. I'm thinking this working out is some kind of bullshit. Where's my dingaling? I still can't see it. And now I got dog juice on my feet.

I tell you, this thing just ain't working out for me.

I was gonna' charge people to use my gym, but when I look at it and I see what it's done for me, nobody's gonna' pay to work out in here. I'm pretty clear on that one.

And if I can't get no money for people coming to my gym, how am I gonna' buy them plans for the UFO?

I'm starting to come to some sense. Here's the sense: Seems like everything I do is fucked up. That's what I found out today. I'd try something new, but if everything I do is fucked up, well you know how the new thing's gonna' turn out.

I don't see how to win it. Who's gonna' pay me and what for? Every day it's just more shit I gotta' do. I think I got a pee stone.

I need to do some thinking and think this through. I gotta' think of something really smart. Let me see if I can do that. Probably fuck it up somehow. My brain don't go. Something's got under my toe nail now. Gotta' scrape that outta' there. What the fuck is that? Is it moving?

Gonna' play some Bee Gees. Them fellers always cheer me up.

-- Wacky Macky

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